“From the first moments the atmosphere in the hall changed. It was one of those magical moments”
-Opera Now, London



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“…performances were by Sparks and Wiry Cries founders soprano Martha Guth and pianist Erika Switzer, with baritone Jesse Blumberg and the guidance of stage director David Schweitzer and Mark Campbell himself serving as host. It was gratifying to observe that he is as eloquent and nimble with the spoken word as he is with the written. Guth and Blumberg gave first-rate dramatic performances throughout, and proved to have great chemistry in their duets. Switzer’s accompaniment was flexible and sensitive. As a solo performer, Guth was at her best in Cummings’ Thoroughfare, a mini-song cycle inspired in part by Wintereisse. The songs are anguished, comic and at times angry, requiring a great versatility that Guth managed well.”

-Opera News

“Out front for this performance was soprano Martha Guth, who portrayed the lead character, Anna, with bawdiness and humor, toting a briefcase, twirling a scarf and writhing on the floor as the drama progressed from Louisiana through Memphis and beyond.” (Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins)

-Arts Birmingham

"Soprano Martha Guth showed rare breath control and an awesome legato."

-Toronto Globe & Mail

“Guth wowed the audience with her coloratura lyricism. Her seeming ability to sustain pitch without breath or blemish was astonishing, while the four bars of Dulcissime preceding the final movement were worth the price of admission."


"Martha Guth is going to be a star or there ain't no justice in the world. She absolutely stands out. Once in a generation, maybe twice we get a singer that just holds the attention, captures the popular attention and becomes a cultural icon."